W&L Men's Tennis Falls to No. 3 Emory in NCAA's, 5-0

Tennis racquets

ATLANTA, Ga. -- The Washington and Lee men's tennis team saw its season come to an end with a 5-0 loss to third-ranked Emory in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday morning in Atlanta.

The Generals nearly took a point at No. 2 doubles, with the combination of junior Harry Shepherd (New York, N.Y. / St. George's School) and sophomore Noah Tapp (Lexington, Ky. / Henry Clay) falling 8-6. 

After posting the 3-0 lead following the doubles competition, the Eagles notched wins at No. 6 and No. 3 singles to close out the match.

The Eagles improved to 18-2 on the season, while W&L completes the year with a 15-8 overall mark.

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Washington and Lee Men's Tennis
Washington and Lee vs Emory (May 10, 2019)

#3 Emory 5, Washington and Lee 0
May 10, 2019 at Atlanta, GA

Singles competition
1. Jonathan Jemison (EU) vs. Harry Shepherd (WLU) 4-6, 2-2, unfinished
2. Hayden Cassone (EU) vs. Mitchell Thomas (WLU) 7-6, 1-0, unfinished
3. Adrien Bouchet (EU) def. Bobby Neuner (WLU) 6-2, 6-3
4. Antonio Mora (EU) vs. Noah Tapp (WLU) 6-0, 5-1, unfinished
5. Andrew Esses (EU) vs. John Rudden (WLU) 6-2, 4-1, unfinished
6. James Spaulding (EU) def. Tye Loan (WLU) 6-2, 6-1
Doubles competition
1. Jonathan Jemison/Adrien Bouchet (EU) def. Bobby Neuner/Mitchell Thomas (WLU) 8-2
2. Will Wanner/James Spaulding (EU) def. Noah Tapp/Harry Shepherd (WLU) 8-6
3. Hayden Cassone/Antonio Mora (EU) def. John Rudden/Tye Loan (WLU) 8-5
Match Notes
Washington and Lee 15-8
Emory 18-2; National ranking #3
NCAA Tournament First Round