Athletics Mission Statement


The Washington and Lee University Department of Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation promotes and complements the University’s liberal arts mission. The Department’s fundamental goal is to contribute to a students’ educational experience by enhancing academic learning with health, physical fitness, and wellness.

In keeping with the ancient idea of mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body, the University maintains its commitment to the Physical Education requirement and strives for maximum athletics participation at all levels.  The Department offers a diverse curriculum to meet the educational needs and interests of the student body emphasizing the development of fundamental skills and exercises that students can carry with them beyond graduation.

Central to the mission of both the Athletic Department and the University are the principles of leadership, sportsmanship, integrity, and responsibility. To this end, the University and the Department are committed to the following objectives:

• Uphold the mission of the University, as well as the principles and philosophy set forth by the NCAA and ODAC.

• Foster Washington and Lee’s community of trust.

• Support student-athletes in their academic endeavors.

• Promote continued campus-wide integration of student-athletes by encouraging them to fully participate in the life of the University.

• Promote diversity and foster an environment of inclusion.

• Provide fair and equal treatment to both men’s and women’s varsity sports.

• Supply and provide student-athletes with first-rate facilities and equipment, the highest levels of teaching, coaching, and appropriate opportunities to compete.

• Maintain the highest ethical standards and practices, while striving to achieve excellence through encouragement and positive leadership.