Faculty Mentors for Washington and Lee Athletics Teams

Learn a little bit more about W&L's Faculty Athletic Mentor program from Professor Ellen Mayock, the school's Faculty Athletic Representative, and Professor Jeff Barnett, who serves as the Faculty Athletic Mentor for the baseball team.

Professor Ellen Mayock on the Faculty Athletic Mentor program
Nov 30, 2012

Professor Ellen Mayock, the University's Faculty Athletic Representative, discusses the Faculty Athletic Mentor program at Washington and Lee. Professor Mayock serves as the mentor for the women's lacrosse program.

Professor Jeff Barnett on the Faculty Athletic Mentor Program
Apr 16, 2013

Professor Jeff Barnett discusses the Faculty Athletic Mentor program at Washington and Lee. Professor Barnett serves as the mentor for the baseball program and was the recipient of the 2012 Chub Yeakel Award for his contributions to the athletic department.







Over the years, several models of collaboration between Athletics faculty and teams and non-Athletics faculty have developed at Washington and Lee.  Non-coaching faculty have served as unofficial or informal mentors for many different athletics teams.  Athletics faculty, the Dean of the College, and the University Athletics Committee have now formalized this arrangement for all Generals’ athletics teams.  The athletics mentors do not serve as substitutes for the regular academic advising system.

Faculty mentors are a group of faculty and staff who are interested in furthering the integration of the student-athlete within the ideals and mission of the University.

Faculty mentors believe that athletics play an integral role in the mission of our University, and that athletic participation is meaningful and valuable, and meets essential needs in the health and development of the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

Faculty mentors provide an additional resource across all areas of the University – faculty, administration, staff, students and coaches – in encouraging and reinforcing the ties between the athletic and academic pursuits of the student-athlete.

Faculty mentors are role models who willingly connect to the student-athletes to provide support through additional counsel and advice when specific issues arise, particularly in the areas of social issues and academics.

Faculty mentors are dedicated to the idea of building a harmonious connection between the academic, athletic and social cultures of our campus.

Role of the Faculty Mentor
The mentoring relationship between faculty mentor and team will develop according to the individuals involved.  The faculty mentor could consider some or all of the following as guidelines:
• Attend as many matches/games as possible (home and/or away).
• Serve as an informal adviser to team members.
• Collaborate with other faculty mentors and coaches to bring together academics and athletics in more concrete ways.
• Get together with other faculty mentors and coaches approximately once a term.
• Serve as a resource for recruits when they visit campus.
• Get to know parents of student-athletes.
Selection of the Faculty Mentor
The Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), in consultation with the Athletics Director and the chair of the University Athletics Committee, contacts varsity coaches to see if they and their teams are interested in having a Faculty Athletics Mentor and generates with them a list of potential mentors. The FAR then consults with the faculty members and completes the pairings.
Additional Items to Consider
• There is no prescription for how to be a faculty mentor.  We are mostly looking for faculty members to be a presence in the lives of the team.  This can be accomplished in any number of ways.
• “Adopting” faculty mentors should be entirely voluntary on behalf of the coaches and teams.
• Many coaches and mentors emphasize the “two-way street” beyond faculty mentors’ attendance at games, that is, that coaches are welcome to attend academic classes, while professors are welcome to consider Athletics as a resource for classes (e.g. a statistics class).


Faculty Mentors for Athletics Teams


SPORT (by season) Coach Faculty Mentor
Men's Cross Country Brandon Spalding Paul Youngman
Women's Cross Country Mike Dager Donna Smith
Football Scott Abell Matt Tuchler
Field Hockey Gina Wills Fred LaRiviere
Men's Soccer Mike Singleton TBA
Women's Soccer Neil Cunningham Megan Fulcher
Volleyball Bryan Snyder Elicia Cowins & Bob Stewart
Men's Basketball Chris McHugh Jim Casey
Women's Basketball Christine Clancy Erich Uffelman
Men's & Women's Swimming Kami Gardner Julie Woodzicka
Wrestling Nathan Shearer Robert Humston
Baseball Ted White Mitch Keller
Men's & Women's Golf Pete Gyscek Jeff Shay
Men's Lacrosse Gene McCabe Art Goldsmith
Women's Lacrosse Brooke O'Brien Ellen Mayock
Riding Gordon Reistrup Andrea Lepage
Men's Tennis David Detwiler Mikki Brock
Women's Tennis Erin Ness Mike Pleva & Mikki Brock
Men's Track Brandon Uhl Paul Youngman
Women's Track Dana Freeman Roger Crockett