Washington and Lee Tennis
Virginia Wesleyan College vs Washington and Lee (Mar 05, 2011)

#10 Washington and Lee 5, Virginia Wesleyan College 0
Mar 05, 2011 at Lexington, Va. (Duchossois Tennis Center)

Singles competition
1. Christina Douglas (W&LW) def. Saida Bennou (VWC) 5-0, retired
2. Catherine Reed (W&LW) def. Meredith Willett (VWC) 6-2, 6-0
3. Cay Gee (VWC) vs. Ashley Leinweber (W&LW) no result
4. Katelynn Duncan (VWC) vs. Kerry Cotter (W&LW) no result
5. Stephanie Bittner (VWC) vs. Lauren Armstrong (W&LW) no result
6. Gabrielle Sacco (VWC) vs. Laura Simmons (W&LW) no result

Doubles competition
1. Catherine Reed/Ashley Leinweber (W&LW) def. Saida Bennou/Meredith Willett (VWC) 8-1
2. Kerry Cotter/Christina Douglas (W&LW) def. Cay Gee/Katelynn Duncan (VWC) 8-2
3. Lauren Armstrong/Laura Simmons (W&LW) def. Stephanie Bittner/Gabrielle Sacco (VWC) 8-3

Match Notes
Virginia Wesleyan College 1-2, 0-2
Washington and Lee 7-1, 5-0; National ranking #10

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