2011 Washington and Lee Women's Lacrosse Roster

No. Name Pos. Cl. Ht. Hometown/High School
Kate Donnelly full bio 2 Kate Donnelly M Sr. 5-6 Houston, Texas / St. John's School
Christina Benedetti full bio 3 Christina Benedetti M Jr. 5-3 Derwood, Md. / Academy of the Holy Cross
Elizabeth Bucklee full bio 4 Elizabeth Bucklee A So. 5-7 Princeton, N.J. / Stuart County Day
Lauren Acker full bio 5 Lauren Acker D Jr. 5-6 Bloomfield Hills, Mich. / Seaholm
Kate Speare full bio 6 Kate Speare A Sr. 5-3 Wallingford, Pa. / Strath Haven
Shelby Barada full bio 7 Shelby Barada D Fy. 5-6 New Cannan, Conn. / New Cannan
Alex Van Horn full bio 8 Alex Van Horn M Fy. 5-6 Annapolis, Md. / Annapolis
Wilton Megargel full bio 9 Wilton Megargel A Sr. 5-9 Charlottesville, Va. / St. Anne's-Belfield
Ashley Barnes full bio 10 Ashley Barnes M So. 5-3 Annapolis, Md. / St. Mary's
Meade Brewster full bio 11 Meade Brewster M Fy. 5-10 Brookside, N.J. / West Morris Mendham
Emmy Mathews full bio 12 Emmy Mathews M Sr. 5-8 Baltimore, Md. / Bryn Mawr
Kelsey Cotter full bio 13 Kelsey Cotter M Fy. 5-7 Roanoke, Va. / Salem
Caroline Kingsbery full bio 14 Caroline Kingsbery D So. 5-1 Short Hills, N.J. / Kent Place School
Katie Hagen full bio 16 Katie Hagen A Fy. 5-9 West Chester, Pa. / Notre Dame
Kerstin Hjelm full bio 17 Kerstin Hjelm A Fy. 5-6 Devon, Pa. / Conestoga
Maddie McKaig full bio 18 Maddie McKaig A Jr. 5-6 Annapolis, Md. / Annapolis
Kathy Brown full bio 19 Kathy Brown D Sr. 5-4 Baltimore, Md. / Catonsville
Margaret Klein full bio 20 Margaret Klein A Fy. 5-10 North Andover, Mass. / Brooks
Meredith Lavin full bio 21 Meredith Lavin M Fy. 5-6 Doylestown, Pa. / Central Bucks East
Alli Shearin full bio 22 Alli Shearin A Jr. 5-3 Essex Fells, N.J. / West Essex
Taylor Zusi full bio 23 Taylor Zusi D Fy. 5-5 Summit, N.J. / Kent Place
Greta Witter full bio 25 Greta Witter A Fy. 5-11 Douglasville, Pa. / The Hill School
Leanne Stone full bio 27 Leanne Stone D Fy. 5-8 Darien, Conn. / Darien
Olive Waxter full bio 29 Olive Waxter D Fy. 5-4 Baltimore, Md. / Roland Park
Alex Hamill full bio 72 Alex Hamill G So. 5-4 Darien, Conn. / Darien
Katharine Farrar full bio 74 Katharine Farrar G Sr. 5-8 Lexington, Va. / Episcopal