Help Men's Tennis Raise Money for the Myeloma Foundation

Help Men's Tennis Raise Money for the Myeloma Foundation

LEXINGTON, Va. – The Washington and Lee men's tennis team would like Generals' fans to know about the work that they are doing to benefit the International Myeloma Foundation and they hope for your support.

During the 2013 season, the Generals are seeking monetary pledges for each individual match won by the W&L men's tennis team throughout the 2013 season.  All proceeds go to the International Myeloma Foundation, the world's leading organization in the fight against multiple myeloma.  Pledges will help the IMF in its mission to improve the quality of life of myeloma patients and their families.

Each W&L match consists of three doubles matches and six singles matches for a total of nine individual matches.  The Generals will play 20 regular season team matches plus any additional matches in the ODAC and NCAA Tournaments.  Currently the team has 85 individual match wins so if you pledged $1, your amount due would currently be $85.

You can register your donations online at and you can follow the team's progress via or through the team's facebook page at

Do your best to help the men's tennis team fight this dreaded disease!

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