Professor Mayock has been at Washington and Lee and the romance language department since 1997. Mayock will serve as Faculty Athletics Representative from 2007-2013. Additionally, as FAR Mayock chairs the Washington and Lee University Athletics Committee. Mayock teaches courses in Women's Studies; Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Romance Languages. During 2004-2006, Mayock served as Associate Dean of the College, specifically dealing with faculty and program support.

Mayock received her BA in Spanish and French from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. She then went on to Middlebury College, where she received her MA in Spanish. Mayock then received her PhD in Hispanic Literature from the University of Texas at Austin in 1996. 

Each NCAA member institution is required to “designate an individual to serve as faculty athletics representative.”  The NCAA defines the FAR as “a member of an institution’s faculty or administrative staff who is designated by the institution’s president or chancellor or other appropriate entity to represent the institution and its faculty in the institution’s relationships with the NCAA and its conference(s), if any”. At Washington and Lee University, the FAR is appointed by the President of the University and reports to the Provost.

This position description outlines the responsibilities of the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) at Washington and Lee University. These responsibilities in general are to evaluate and ensure the NCAA’s requirements for academic integrity of the intercollegiate athletics program, to facilitate institutional control of athletics, and to enhance the well-being of student-athletes (NCAA FAR Handbook).

Academic Integrity.
The FAR periodically reviews records, policies, and procedures to ensure that student-athletes are treated in a manner consistent with the academic mission and standards of the University.
Student-Athlete Well-Being.
The FAR serves as an advocate for student-athletes and serves as an adviser and/or source of support for student-athletes who are experiencing academic problems or classroom conflicts.

The FAR establishes working relationships with the Washington and Lee administration, faculty, Athletics Director and members of the Athletics Department, the NCAA, and the conference.  On a regular basis the FAR communicates with and has access to the President. Additionally, the FAR communicates with the Provost, academic deans, and all faculty members. The FAR represents the W&L Athletics Program as a liaison to faculty and communicates to the faculty activities and concerns related to athletics.