SAAC Constitution

The name of this organization will be the Washington and Lee University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

The purpose of the W&L SAAC is to enhance all aspects of the student-athlete collegiate experience by serving as the voice of the student-athlete community to the university administration, Lexington community, and the Old Dominion Athletic Conference.

A. Composition: Each varsity sport shall have one voting representative and one non-voting member. For the purposes of representation, indoor and outdoor track and field shall be considered one sport.

B. Criteria
1. Voting representative: The voting representative shall be a current student-athlete in good standing who has completed at least one year as both a student and an athlete at Washington and Lee University. Athlete must be on campus for two semesters of the year that they serve as a voting member.
2. Non-voting member: The non-voting member shall be subject to the same requirements as the voting member and must be of a younger class than the voting member.

C. Selection
1. The representative of each team shall be appointed to a one year term by any method chosen by the coach so long as the nominee meets the criteria. A one year term shall begin in the spring and continue through the end of the next winter term. A student can be appointed to multiple one year terms.
2. The representatives for the following year must be elected by May 1st of the preceding year.

D. Duties of Membership
1. Actively participate in SAAC committee and special-committees meetings and activities.
2. Contribute to at least one standing committee.
3. Promote a positive student-athlete image both on campus and in the community.
4. Design, implement, and evaluate programs which encourage community relations, school spirit, and sportsmanship.
5. Facilitate discussion of issues and agenda between the respective teams and the SAAC meetings.

E. Meetings
1. The SAAC shall meet every other month and as deemed necessary by members.
a. The meeting date, such as the first Sunday of every second month, beginning in September,shall be set by the incoming SAAC committee in the spring before the University adjourns for the summer break.
b. Any member may call for a meeting by submitting a request to the executive officers. The meeting is called when 2 officers move and second the request.

2. All members must attend all meetings unless prevented by an excused absence. Should a member know they will not be attending for an excused absence, he or she must notify the president in advance or the absence will be considered unexcused. In the case that a member misses a meeting because of an emergency that could not be communicated prior to the meeting, the officers may, by majority vote, consider the absence excused. If a member misses a meeting without a legitimate reason the first two absences will be documented warnings. A third unexcused absence in one year shall result in removal of membership.
a. Excused absences include: varsity sport participation, required academic event, and any other absences that would be excused by the university registrar for a class.

F. Executive Officers
1. The following four executive officers shall be elected:
a. President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

i. President: Shall preside over meetings, delegate duties and committee assignments, and maintain communication with the advisor and Athletic Director. Shall also act as ODAC representative and communicate with national SAAC representative.

ii. Vice-President: Shall assume the President's duties if he or she is unable to perform them. Shall also act as ODAC representative and communicate with national SAAC representative.

iii. Secretary: shall record and publish all meeting minutes as well as document attendance and warnings.

iv. Treasurer: shall be responsible for managing the SAAC's finances, preparing and presenting a budget.
2. Criteria for president and vice-president: Must be in second year on SAAC and voting member. Will be waved for the first 2 years of SAAC.
3. Criteria for secretary and treasurer: Can be in first or second year as voting or non-voting member on SAAC.
4. Election: the officers shall be elected for the following year from and by the incoming SAAC membership when it meets for the last time of the academic year. The vote will begin with a nomination of members. Members can nominate themselves or others. Members may also turn down nominations if they do not wish to be an officer. The nominations will be followed by a ballot vote. The attending advisor will secretly count the votes to determine the results.
5. In the event of a tie, the two candidates with the most votes shall be voted for again in a runoff.

G. Non-voting, non-student advisors
1. The Athletic Director shall oversee the committee.
2. There shall be at least one coach to serve as advisor.
3. The Head Athletic Trainer shall serve as a consultant to the committee for questions related to health issues.
4. The requirement of faculty advisors will be determined after consultation with faculty advisory special-committee. Will be added in after ratification.

H. SAAC Warnings and procedures for removal
1. A documented warning will be given for:
i. GPA below requirement for sport.
ii. First disciplinary action from University.
iii. First and second unexcused absence from mandatory meetings.
iv. Any other behavior or action deemed unacceptable by SAAC officers.
2. Extradition of membership
i. Ceasing to participate in a varsity sport at W&L.
ii. Second disciplinary action from University.
iii. Three unexcused absences from mandatory meetings, including committee meetings.
iv. Three warnings in an academic year.
v. Any other behavior deemed unacceptable by SAAC officers.
3. Actions taken if a member loses membership
i. If a voting member is removed from SAAC, the non-voting member will become the voting member and the coach will be notified that the team will need a new non-voting member.
ii. If a non-voting member is removed from SAAC, the coach will be notified that the team will need a new non-voting member.

A. Standing Committees
1. Sportsmanship
i. Shall promote sportsmanship and fair play in campus athletics.
2. Faculty Advisory
i. TBD
3. Public Relations
i. Shall promote SAAC activities to the student body. ii. Shall maintain bulletin board and campus SAAC website.
4. Community Service
i. Shall organize community service projects for SAAC.
5. Activities
i. Shall organize and coordinate special activities with other organizations.
ii. Shall work with sportsmanship committee to plan a SAAC event for National Sportsmanship Day.
iii. Shall help coordinate SAAC role in the W&L Athletic Department Banquet.

B. Special-committees
1. Special-committees will be created as needed for specific assignments each year. Committees may last all year, or may only be needed for several weeks.

A. Voting Quorum: At least two-thirds of members shall participate in a vote in order for it to count. Should a voting member have an excused absence, the junior member may vote in his or her place. Should a voting member and the junior member both have excused absences, the voting member may submit his or her vote to the President prior to the meeting.

B. Voting may take place via any method deemed appropriate by the executive committee, including email.

A. Ratification: This constitution shall take effect immediately upon receiving 85% support from entire SAAC.

B. This constitution may be amended with three-fourths support of all voting members.