Campus Recreation

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an activity as a team? Individual?

How do I become an Official or a Sport Supervisor?

Sign Up as an official at www.imleagues.con

For outdoor activities, how do I find out if my game is cancelled?

In the event of inclement weather the team captain will be contacted if the need for cancellations arise. It is the responsibility of the IM Office to maintain the integrity of all fields, so games may be cancelled due to wet conditions, even in the absence of inclement weather the day of the event.

Decisions to cancel games will be made by 2pm on week days and 10am on weekends.

If field conditions are conducive to play, all outdoor games will be played in rain and/or cold. Teams should be prepared and dress accordingly. In the event of thunder or lightning the game will be suspended immediately. For the safety of participants, play may not resume for 30 minutes following lightning or thunder.

Why does W&L use the rules they do for intramurals?

W&L uses the guidelines and rules that have been established by a national governing body for each sport. These rules have been adopted to provide the safest and fairest play available.

Who is eligible to play intramurals?

All students eligible to participate in the IM program. For each activity, eligibility requirements may be included.

Where are schedules posted?

Schedules will be available on the IM site and on Also, notices will be sent to each registered participant via the online registration system.

What do the champions receive?

Winning a  championship for any sport earns the team a champions t-shirt.  

The Overall Champion receives the IM Cup trophy, IM Cup Champion t-shirts for team members and their picture taken w/ the trophy for display.  A perpetual plaque will be on display and will include winners from previous years.