Campus Recreation

The IM Cup Point System is a year-long competition open to any Student Organization,
Academic group, Residence Hall, or group of friends that participates in IM Sports.

Teams receive points for participation, achievement and sportsmanship. The overall winners of the men's, women's, and co-rec divisions will have their organization name added to a plaque which is on display in the Warner Center and receive champion t-shirts for their accomplishment.

Level 1- Leagues w/ Playoffs
Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Basketball

50 points for completing regular season and playoffs
25 points for winning Championship

Level 2- Tournament Format Only
Dodgeball, Spikeball
25 points for completing tournament
15 points for winning Tournament

Level 3- Individual/Dual Sports
All Individual or dual sports /activities
Tennis, Table Tennis, Racquetball, Disc Golf, Fun Runs
15 points for completing round robin play and tournament
10 points for winning Championship

Participation Point Eligibility
to receive participation points your team(s) need demonstrate Good Sportsmanship
Any Defaults result in a loss of 50% of participation points for the related activity
Any Forfeits result in a loss of ALL participation points for the related activity
Only two teams/individuals per organization are eligible to receive participation points