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Ballet Fitness: Ballet Fitness is a complete workout that tones, strengthens, and lengthens your body. Inspired by ballet class, we use the barre, resistance bands, medicine balls, and free weights. No dance or ballet experience is necessary!

Boot Camp: Boot camp offers a full body work out - cardio, strength and core all mixed in a fun and challenging workout. Burn calories and get stronger with a variety of new exercises and formats each class. Great for all fitness levels.

Cardio Barre: Cardio barre is a unique toning class to develop a lean and strong dancer’s physique. High-energy ballet-based exercises tone the butt, legs, abs and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the appearance of the body. The class is challenging but with dedication you will improve your core, posture, strength, and flexibility.

Core + Stretch: Core+Stretch is a mix of yoga, pilates, and simple stretching moves. It is low-impact, but the intensity level varies from moderate-high. We start with a gentle warm up, move onto a yoga-inspired flow, down to the mat for a variety of core work, and then we finish out the class with relaxing stretches and a calming meditation.

Dance Barre:  Dance Barre will start with fun cardio dance based movement, to burn calories and raise the heart rate and will conclude with a variety of mat based toning exercises including Pilates, yoga, ballet based exercises and free weights.    A challenging high energy class  to tone the body and improve core strength and flexibility.   

Group Cycling: Popular indoor cycling class. Classes vary by instructor.

Interval Fitness: Short, intense circuits designed to boost strength, balance and overall fitness.

Pilates: Consists of a series of mat exercises that strengthen the core, with an emphasis on intense abdominal work. Pilates also increases flexibility and body awareness while improving posture.

PiYo Live: Athletic Yoga for Rebels!! PiYo Live is designed to combine the core-sculpting, muscle-building elements of Pilates with the flexibility and flowing movements of yoga. PiYo cranks up the pace and the fun for a pulse-pounding, calorie burning workout that defines and strengthens every inch of your body. Low impact, but high intensity. No weights involved, can be done barefoot. Hardcore results.

Sport Circuit: Sport Circuit is a cardio/strength, high energy workout that is sure to burn calories.  Each class will vary in style but will include cardio, intervals, body strength and core work.  Participants of all levels welcome with modifications given for the beginner to the most experienced participant.

TRX: Engage all your muscles with this TRX workout. Build overall strength, balance and flexibility with this total-body conditioning program. We set the reps, you set the intensity. All levels welcome!

WERQ: WERQ is a fiercely fun dance workout based on chart topping rock, pop, and hip-hop music. This class is guaranteed to get you in shape, and you may even pick up some moves for your next night out.

WOW (Work Out of the Week): Functional fitness at varying intensities, including cardiovascular conditioning, core strength, whole body movements, power, and strength movements. This challenging workout is designed to consistently push the participants to work at a high, whole-body fitness level. Class outline: dynamic warm-up/stretch, team workout, cool-down/stretch. Participants should come prepared to work at or near their maximum capacity.

Yoga: Yoga is a form of nonaerobic exercise that involves a program of precise posture, breathing exercises, and meditation. In ancient Sanskrit, the word yoga means “union.”


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