Club Sports @ W&L

2014 Rugby East Coast Regional Champions

Sport Clubs at Washington and Lee University are groups of individuals who share a common interest in a sport activity. Sport Clubs are member-initiated and organized with an emphasis placed on participation. It is through participation in sport activity that members are afforded the opportunity to develop their physical, social, administrative, and leadership skills.

The Sport Club Program offers opportunities to participate in many diverse sport activities designed to support the pursuit of lifelong activity and to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of these activities is to improve skill level, increase knowledge of the activity and promote cooperative attitudes and behaviors.

It is Campus Recreation's desire to extend to any student at Washington and Lee University the opportunity to participate individually or with a team in the Sport Club Program.  As a chartered sports club at the Washington and Lee University each club and its membership are expected to follow all policies and procedures as described in the Sport Club handbook. Club members are also expected to abide by the Washington and Lee University Student Code of Conduct.

For an updated copy of the Sport Club Manual, to learn how to start a new club or for individual clubs' information please contact Ray Ellington at

Current Active Clubs (Contact/Email)

Badminton- (Danjoseph Quijada/

Baseball- (Jack Anderson/

Cheerleading- (Christina Cheadle/

Eventing- (Caroline Bearden/beardenc16@mail.wlu.edu

Fly Fishing- (Charles Gentry/

Ice Hockey- (Jamison Harrington/

Men’s Lax- (Lincoln Neely/

Men’s Volleyball- (Andrew McCaffery/

Ping Pong- (Xiaoxiang Yang/

Polo- (Parish Preston/

Racquetball- (Danjoseph Quijada/

Rock Climbing- (Diana Banks/

Men’s Rugby- (Walter Konyk/

Running- (Leigh Stauffer/

Squash- (Timothy Holder/

Tennis- (Veronika Pogrebna/

Women's Volleyball- Shelby Flores/