2013-14 Athletics Leadership Development Program Schedule

Monday, September 9

• What is leadership? What are the rewards, risks and responsibilities of leadership?
• Your Mission Statement and Your Vision – What are Your Goals for Your Team This Year?

Thursday, Sept 12

• Guest Speaker, Rob Miller, from Proactive Coaching, LLC speaking on “Seven Ways to Lead Your Team”

Monday, October 7

• Knowing One’s Self – What are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader?  What is your natural leadership style?
• Guest Speaker, Dr. Jim Bauman, Sports Psychologist for UVA Athletics & Team USA Swimming

Monday, November 4

• Leading By Example – It Begins with You

November – Date/Time and Location TBA

• Special Guest Speaker (Bobby Ross)

Monday, December 2

• Vocal Leadership – When Leading By Example Isn’t Enough

Monday, January 13

• Communication is Key; Learning to Communicate with Coaches and Teammates

Monday, February 3

• Special Guest Speaker (Nancy Lieberman)

Monday, March 3

In Good Times and In Bad - Being the Enforcer & Problem Solver

Sunday, March 30

• Leadership in Action - Climb the Alpine Tower at the Pavilion
• Program Evaluation & Certificates of Completion Presented