2014-15 Athletics Leadership Development Program Schedule

Monday, September 15; 7:30pm – 500 Classroom Doremus Gym
- Pizza & Salad Will Be Served
- What is leadership? What are the rewards, risks and responsibilities of leadership at W&L?
- Your Mission Statement and Your Vision – What are Your Goals for Your Team This Year?

Monday, October 6, 7:30pm – Science Center G14

- Guest Speaker, Rob Miller from Proactive Coaching, LLC – “7 Ways to Lead Your Team” 

Tuesday, October 7, 8am - Hillel House Multipurpose Room

- Breakfast meeting with an opportunity to ask questions of and interact with Rob Miller

Monday, November 3, 7:30pm – Science Center G14

- Guest Speaker, Gene Marsh ‘81L, Prominent Sports Attorney - Leadership in Athletics

Monday, December 1, 7:30pm –Science Center G16 – Salerno’s Food Included

- Guest Speaker, Burr Datz – Communication with Coaches and Teammates

Monday, January 19, 7:30pm – Science Center G14

- Guest Speaker, Mark Tribus – Leadership in a Team Setting

Monday, February 2, 7:30pm – Science Center G14

- W&L Coaches Panel – Leadership at W&L
- Group Discussions & Update on Community Service Projects 

Monday, March 2, 7:30pm – Science Center G14

- Guest Speaker, Dr. Jim Bauman, Sports Psychologist for UVA Athletics & Team USA Swimming
- Motivating Yourself and Others

Sunday, March 15, 1-5pm – Program Wrap-Up Activity – Climb the Alpine Tower at the Pavilion

Wear Proper Clothing and Footwear for Physical Activities; Lunch Included
- Program Completion and Wrap-Up